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What to gift your contractors?

What to gift your contractors?
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Explore proven business gift ideas for contractors. It is such an activity that can complement your marketing efforts. For this reason, it is advisable to think about this issue well in order to choose the right gift

Personalized gifts

A personalized gift will always be a good buy. In this case, you can put on it, for example, your logo or the company name itself. These can be everyday items such as printed pens, mugs, key chains and lanyards. Some people decide to give accessories such as business bags. Store Strefa-Logo is a place where you can order such a gift. You will also find there other practical things, such as premium umbrellas with logo. It is better to buy a gift that the person will be able to use regularly. A gift for a business partner should be original, but also elegant. Personalized gadgets act as a good business card for the company

If you need an occasional gift, you can purchase Christmas chocolates for companies. For this purpose, it is worth placing an order for exclusive pralines, on which you will put, for example, your logo. In stores that offer such products, you will find their versions in small boxes or in large trunks. Many such sets are already properly wrapped, which is quite a convenience. Such chocolates are definitely impressive as they often have original shapes and interesting, sublime flavors. You can also attach a dedicated card to them

Sample business gifts

You can buy many items as business gifts. Fountain pens, rapidographs and ink pens are universal gifts. Another idea is to buy desk calendars and standing calendars. However, it is best to buy them at the end of the year. Recently, various kinds of planners, organizers and notebooks have become popular. They come in really elegant designs and can be a very useful addition. To find such gifts, visit stationery stores. Such items are also available on many websites. You will find unusual and exclusive versions of them. You can also buy a luxury leather business card holder or a credit card case. Although they are small in size, they will definitely help to make a good impression. Often, many companies opt for baskets of sweets for various celebrations. When it comes to slightly more expensive gifts, you can invest in, for example, a laptop cooling pad or a leather desk accessory

Gift packaging

When it comes to this kind of gift, details are extremely important, so it is worth paying attention to them when preparing the packaging. This is a characteristic type of gift, because you need to make a good impression with it. For this purpose, you need to pack it in an appropriate way. It is worth looking for inspiration and sample proposals on the Internet. You should bet on a consistent color scheme, which can refer to the corporate identity of the company. You can use subdued colors, such as black, gray, maroon, navy blue, or shades of beige. We recommend playing a bit with the texture and finish of the materials

For example, matte packaging combined with shiny ribbon looks interesting. Various patterns are also acceptable, which can be used when using gift paper. It is worth betting on its ecological version, for example, because it is a solution valued by many people nowadays. It will surely make a good impression on the counterparty. Aesthetic packaging is a very nice gesture that shows affection and respect. It is a good idea to include a dedicated badge or a small card with the gift

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