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Unusual gadgets that are useful in every kitchen

Unusual gadgets that are useful in every kitchen
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Fashion for cooking continues. Television cooking shows do not lose their popularity. Pandemic time of closing restaurants forced us to cook on our own. Are there any other gadgets besides the Thermomix that can make our kitchen work easier?

Cooking for some is a daily, exhausting duty. For others it is a time for relaxation and creativity. Regardless of which group we belong to, the market of kitchen gadgets abounds in devices that more or less facilitate cooking. What gadgets will come in handy while baking and cooking?

Intelligent butter churn

Manufacturers go a bit overboard with giving the prefix intelligent to everything they release on the market. A butter churn won’t get you a PhD, but it will ensure soft butter every morning. The mechanism of operation is very simple: the design looks like a small rectangular table with a lid. One leg is filled with porcelain, from which the butter dish is made. The other leg is empty and a porcelain block called a float is inserted into it. We put a cube of butter and the float inside the butter churn. Then, pressing the float to the bottom, we pour cool water over the whole thing

The butter should be completely covered with water when the float is pressed. During storage, the lid of the buttercup will serve as the presser. This will keep the butter cut off from air and protected from light. This is to ensure the same freshness as storing in the refrigerator. At the same time, the butter can lie on the kitchen counter or in the bread cupboard – so it will be perfect for spreading. The water should be changed every few days.

Peeling container

There are as many patents for peeling vegetables as there are households. Some peel vegetables and fruit directly over the garbage disposal, others over a bowl, others over newspaper, which they then roll up with the peelings. Under-counter bins can help. The container hangs on a cabinet or drawer below the countertop, so you can scrape peelings directly from it. The solution is very handy and makes work easier. It minimizes the risk of littering the floor and allows you to work in a comfortable position. It will be especially useful for owners of garden composters. When the cooking is done, just take the organic remains to the compost and you’re done.

Dough roller with design

Almost every amateur of kitchen experiments has a pastry roller at home. It is useful for making sweet and salty dishes. However, most of us have a wooden or stone roller with a smooth texture. For some time now, rollers with a pattern have appeared on the market. The choice of motifs is very wide: from animal, through floral, to geometric motifs

What gives such a roller? If only the possibility to quickly prepare patterned cookies? It is enough to first roll out the dough to the desired thickness with a traditional rolling pin, and then run the patterned roller over the dough once. Then it’s just a matter of cutting out and the cookies are ready. You can even cut out cookies prepared this way with an ordinary glass to achieve an unobvious effect, such as honeycomb.

Boiling egg

Jajko odmierzające czas
(Photo: Sebastian Leesch / EyeEm / Getty Images)

Cooking perfect eggs isn’t that easy at all. Many of us have tested egg cookers, which allow you to cook soft, semi-soft and hard eggs. An egg cooker is a rather large appliance (you can’t always take it with you when you travel) and you don’t always want to cook 1-2 eggs in it

With help comes a device that looks deceptively like an egg. It is a thermometer which you put into the pot together with eggs and observe the graduations. Depending on the language version you have, the egg thermometer has 3 cooking levels: hard (hard), medium (semi-soft), soft (soft). The egg is red in color and as it cooks, it turns bright on the edges – shrinking to the graduations according to the scale as the cooking progresses. Simply pull our real chicken eggs out of the pot when the egg thermometer indicates the appropriate degree of cooking.

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