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Useful gadgets that will work on any balcony

Useful gadgets that will work on any balcony
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The balcony is a kind of extension of the living space. This is where we spend our leisure time, receive guests and relax, or grow the garden of our dreams. No matter how big your balcony is or what you use it for, you can find a lot of interesting accessories in stores that can make your balcony more enjoyable. Here are some suggestions.

Small balcony, many possibilities

Owners of small balconies will certainly appreciate any compact and collapsible gadgets that are ideal for limited space. The best example is the balustrade table, which can be easily folded. A gadget that does not take up much space, and is very practical. You will put drinks, a plate with snacks or a laptop on it. However, it is important to choose models made of resistant materials. We also recommend avoiding steel, which heats up.

An interesting solution is 2-in-1 accessories, such as a bench that can be further unfolded to gain a table. Another example of such a gadget is a box seat. Thanks to the soft cushion, it will be a comfortable place to sit, and the crate is ideal for storing tools or other things that may take up space.

Those who want to increase the possibilities of their small balcony should reach for vertical gadgets like vertical flowerbeds. You will plant any flowers or herbs in them, and sometimes they can also be used as additional storage space for various trinkets.

Large balcony – gadgets useful not only for you

On a large balcony you can go more wild. A hammock or a rocking chair is actually already a standard. How about an evening movie on the balcony? You don’t need to bring out the TV or laptop. All you need is an overhead projector and an inflatable screen on which you can project a movie. Such a gadget is sure to spice up family or social evenings, and you don’t need much space to store it.

A spacious balcony can also become an asylum for the smallest animals. Buy a beautiful insect house and a stylish bird drinker. During the spring and summer you are sure to have a lot of useful guests – bees, bumblebees, butterflies and a variety of birds. For you, it will be a great opportunity to observe them, which can also be a way to relax.

Balcony garden in full bloom

Plant lovers can work wonders, turning their balconies into the truest gardens full of greenery and colorful, fragrant flowers. If you’re just such a balcony gardener, you’re sure to like gadgets such as a soft bolster and a waterproof mat to reduce the mess when transplanting plants. No less useful is a belt with compartments for tools to keep them all handy while gardening, or a gardener’s organizer in the form of a cute metal box in beautiful spring colors.

One of our absolute favorites of balcony gadgets is a folding watering can. Such a model can have different capacities, but its secret lies in the reservoir made of thick, waterproof material. This makes the empty watering can practically flat, and its spout can be easily folded.

Finally, it is still worth mentioning a gadget that is sure to be useful to everyone – a home weather station. These are compact devices for monitoring climate indicators – temperature, pressure or humidity. Most modern models can be easily paired with a phone app, but it is the analog versions that charm with their retro design.

main photo: unsplash.com/Samantha Gades

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