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What can a smart dog collar do?

What can a smart dog collar do?
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Something that seemed impossible just a few years ago is now a reality. Smart collars for your pet can have GPS installed, as well as functions for tracking certain health indicators and physical activity. 

This will allow you to always know where your pet is, and monitor its condition and health. Currently on the market there is no shortage of models of smart collars at affordable prices and with various functionalities. Is it worth buying such a gadget for your pet, and what benefits can it bring?

What is a smart collar and how does it work?

In appearance, it is an ordinary, convenient collar, on which a removable tracker is mounted – the device will show you the current location of your pet. However, it is worth knowing that due to its size, the collar with GPS tracker is rather suitable for medium and large dogs. Its size could cause discomfort for smaller pets.

The tracker uses satellite navigation systems and MTS base stations – the two methods complement each other, giving more accurate results. To monitor your dog’s position in real time, you need to equip the device with a SIM card with an optimal subscription and download a special app that will open access to the tracker’s information. The convenience is that you can track your pet from any smartphone or computer.

Advantages of a smart collar

Even if your pet already has a collar, it is worth considering buying a smart model. First of all, it’s a better way to track your dog if lost than a tag or microchip. In addition, a smart collar has several other advantages:

  • water resistance. Not only is the gadget resistant to moisture and rainfall. You can also rest assured if your dog is a fan of swimming in ponds and lakes;
  • battery life. It is rather inconvenient to constantly remove and charge a gadget designed for a pet. That’s why manufacturers of the best models have made sure that the device works without charging even a few days;
  • built-in backlighting. In most models it can be turned on remotely. It allows you to track your pet in the dark.

What else can a smart dog collar do?

The app allows you to designate an area where your pet can roam freely. When the dog goes outside its boundary, the collar will send a warning signal to your phone. This is an excellent feature for frequently escaped pets, but also a safeguard against your dog being stolen from the garden.

Another noteworthy feature is the monitoring of certain health parameters and physical activity of the dog. This allows you to react in time to alarming changes and ensure that your pet gets the right amount of exercise.

Smart collar vs microchip

Remember that the microchip does not track your dog’s location in real time. What’s more, reading the data from it is only possible with a special device at the vet or shelter. Meanwhile, some smart collars provide your pet with a unique identifier that other people can scan with a smartphone. In this way, they can learn information about the dog and its health (whether it has allergies or behavioral problems, for example), as well as the owner’s contact information.

When is it worth buying a smart collar?

A smart collar will certainly be a good idea for dogs that:

  • walk loose in the yard or garden;
  • tend to run away;
  • often stay home alone;
  • have health problems.

Besides, it’s an excellent safety device for a four-legged dog when traveling, if the owner is afraid of losing it.

main photo: unsplash.com/Mitchell Orr
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