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Cat scratching post. Which one to choose for your pet?

Cat scratching post. Which one to choose for your pet?
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When we go to the pet store or to the websites of online stores, the multitude of scrapers in different prices simply overwhelms us. What to do when buying this gadget?

The cat’s instincts, in spite of the life in the house, don’t disappear. Animals instinctively scratch furniture, frames, doors, walls – whatever they can. It is quite natural and correct reflex. Cats mark the area this way, stretch their bodies and take care of their claws. However, such scratching can cause quite a lot of damage in the house. It may cause frustration. For this reason, buying a scratching post seems obvious.

A scratching post is a structure that allows a cat to fulfill all of its scratching and pulling instincts. As the construction is designed for the cat’s use, we won’t be irritated by the damages caused on it. What should characterize a suitable scratching post?

Free-standing or on the wall?

Everyone, who at least once tried to choose a cat scraper, knows that the choice in this category is enormous. Deciding on the first scraper is not easy. With every next one, after getting to know the preferences of our pet, it is much easier. Generally speaking, the first question we have to ask ourselves is: how much space do we have for the scraper? The answer to this question will let us decide, whether a free-standing scraper or a wall-mounted one is better.

A free-standing scraper may have a form of: a mat, a lounger, a post, a house, a piece of furniture or a whole construction straight from a playground. In terms of the design, we can literally choose and run through the available options. Similarly, in terms of size. The material of the construction is different – depending on the type of the scraper. Some of them combine different textures and materials. Free-standing scratchers usually have the function of a lounger at the same time.

The wall scraper for a cat is a solution intended for small spaces. We can screw an appropriate mat, boards and shelves or smaller versions of the cat’s furniture to the wall. The advantage of wall-mounted scrapers is the fact, that the cats usually prefer to scratch the vertical surfaces. In small apartments, you can successfully develop a corner in the corner of the room. The cat will have its own space there for scratching and climbing.

What is the best scratching surface?

The best is the one which our cat prefers. Unfortunately, this is a very individual issue. The most commonly used materials are:

  • sisal – which is fiber from the sisal agave. Sisal is suitable for making mats and bigger constructions in connection with wood, plywood or chipboard, among others. Sisal is used to make braids and cords that can make cats curious;
  • cardboard – it can come alone or on a reinforced structure. Cardboard is one of cats’ favorite materials. However, it may not be durable in the face of sharp claws;
  • wood – wooden scratching posts are not only durable, but also very pretty. They can be made from protected branches and tree trunks. Such a piece has decorative qualities in the interior. However, the disadvantage may be the price;
  • jute – is a fiber of plant origin. Its use is similar to sisal.

Additional tips

When choosing a cat scratcher, if we don’t know the preferences of the pet, it’s best to decide on a varied construction. This will allow us to observe what materials and shapes suit the cat.

Quite a universal scratcher is a post. It combines many materials: cardboard, sisal, chipboard, and at the same time it doesn’t take much space and it’s good value for money.

If you have enough space and cash, you should consider buying a scratching post as a type of furniture. The higher the construction, the more interesting for our pet. It is worth that the scraper had in it the lair, hiding places, constructions for climbing. Such a piece of furniture should satisfy most of our cat’s needs.

Main photo: Sabri Tuzcu/unsplash.com

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