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A useful gadget for the car owner

A useful gadget for the car owner
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Usually, to check your tire pressure, you go down to the gas station and use the compressor available there. But we have a gadget that will make this task much easier for you.

We are talking about special valve caps that will tell you when the pressure in the tire is ok and when it is too low.

Systematic check

If you care about safety and comfort of driving (and we believe you do) the level of pressure in your tyres is one of the things you should check regularly. Incorrect inflation can lead to increased fuel consumption and rapid tread wear

What is the correct tire pressure for your car?

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It all depends on the load in your car, among other things. If you’re travelling with a full complement of passengers, and therefore your car is heavily loaded, the recommended tyre pressure will be higher than for a car travelling alone. When selecting the pressure level, refer to the sticker which you should find on the inside of the side pillar (driver’s side) or on the fuel filler flap

Valve caps

An easy-to-fit gadget that will save you time and give you peace of mind that your tire pressure is OK. These caps are universal and fit tires of any car and even motorcycle or bicycle. The colors of the tabs pushing through the nut make it easier to read: a green tab means the pressure is correct, a yellow tab is about 10% low, and a red tab is 25% low – a sign that you should absolutely inflate the wheel right away

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