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Uniform as an element of building corporate image. About the advantages of business attire

Uniform as an element of building corporate image. About the advantages of business attire
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Uniforms used to be common only for employees of a few specific professions. Today, they appear in many industries and are an important part of building a strong brand image and team unity.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, no one was thinking not only about corporate standards in terms of dress, but also about the simple fact that nice, neat and uniform employee attire can improve the quality of work and attitudes toward the company, both from the employees themselves and from customers.

Today, many companies, especially those in the service industry, already use uniforms. A good uniform should be comfortable, functional and consistent with the brand design, as well as meet the health and safety requirements of the workplace.

Features of a good uniform

Business attire is more than just a T-shirt with a company logo printed on it. It must meet several criteria if it is to fulfill its basic tasks. So what should you keep in mind when choosing a uniform?

Consistency with the brand design

The corporate uniform must be consistent with the design. While designing the uniform, it is important to take into account the logo, color, style and font of possible inscriptions – they should be the same as those used by the company in its visual identity.

Taking into account the specifics of the position

A warehouse worker will not be comfortable in a suit, and a customer service person in the office should rather not wear a simple T-shirt. Every job is different, so different uniforms will work for different positions. Think about the tasks that your employees have to perform on a daily basis and make sure that your business attire makes it easier for them to do so.

Safety rules

Every workplace has some sort of health and safety policy, and you need to keep it in mind. If employees are exposed to fire, then uniforms must not be made of flammable fabrics, and if they work in cold or hot temperatures, then their business attire should be suitable for that. Uniforms, or any part of them, must not endanger the life or health of workers.

High quality

In this case, bet on high quality materials from proven manufacturers. Uniforms must be durable and sturdy and look good even after several washings and a few hours of wear. If you use cheaper fabrics, you risk a double expense – the uniform may quickly deteriorate and lose its neat appearance, and then you will have to order a new one or even replace the uniforms of all employees.

A neat and attractive look

Have your uniform designed by a professional who takes into account the latest fashion and marketing trends. Stylish business apparel will make your employees wear it with pride and feel the prestige of belonging to your company. Moreover, a nice uniform will be better perceived by customers.

Employee comfort

Since your employees will be walking around in uniforms all day, make sure they are comfortable. Make sure that the material does not irritate the skin and that it is breathable. If the nature of your business requires it, consider summer and winter variants of business attire.

What are the functions of workwear?

Practice shows that high-quality business clothing significantly affects the motivation of staff, as well as customer relations. It disciplines employees, creates a sense of belonging to the company and helps build unity in the team.

Professional business clothing increases the level of consumer trust and brand loyalty. Many potential customers, not finding the right information or goods, prefer to go to a competing company. An employee in uniform is more visible, and as a result, the customer is more likely to turn to him for help. This increases the chance that he will use your services, instead of running away to the competition.

Uniforms can also act as protection against harmful external elements and workplace injuries. It’s also a mobile and non-obtrusive way to advertise your business. When an employee moves around in a uniform with a company logo, it reaches the recipients’ awareness and becomes fixed in it, and at the same time it does not irritate them with its obtrusiveness.

What are the advantages of using uniforms?

Well-made business apparel evokes positive emotions in customers and allows you to win the affection of your own employees, which will ultimately benefit your business the most. Since uniforms help discipline and unite your team, they also increase their productivity, which translates into real profits.

The presence of your company logo and name on the uniform increases your brand recognition and perpetuates your image in the minds of current and potential customers. Today, the variety of fabrics and textures, as well as styles, helps to create a very attractive and memorable outfit, which is very important for your company to stand out from dozens of similar ones with the same services and goods.

Creating a uniform is an expense that will pay off and is not worth saving on. Unfortunately, there are still many employers who think that it is enough to buy a T-shirt and print a logo on it. Of course you can do that. However, if you want the uniforms to actually serve their purpose and bring real benefits, it is better to entrust their design to a professional.

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