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Advertising pen. Why sometimes a banal idea is the best?

Advertising pen. Why sometimes a banal idea is the best?
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It might seem that in the age of digital marketing and doing most things remotely, promotional pens should be a thing of the past. However, their choice still matters, and investing in them can bring many benefits.

When thinking about corporate gadgets, a pen with a printed logo is probably the first thing that pops into our heads. In fact, they are one of the most popular promotional products used to promote a brand. The fact that most entrepreneurs opt for this choice seems obvious; the ballpoint pen is a 100% functional gadget.

Everyone needs it on a daily basis, regardless of their profession. Additionally, it is one of those gadgets that are easily lost, hidden in corners or borrowed in various situations – so it is always a good idea to have a spare copy on hand

Pen – an element of the sales process

Długopis na niebieskim tle
(photo: Liviu C., source: unsplash.com)

Contrary to appearances, a pen is much more than just an ordinary object. Most advertising materials are only aimed at building brand awareness and sending a specific message to the target group. At the same time, a pen is a very practical thing, and therefore, as marketing experts argue, it plays an important role in the pre-sales process. A free and useful corporate gadget, which contributes at least in a small way to the improvement of everyday errands, is a well-timed and useful gift.

Advantages of promotional pens

1. Price

Having a limited budget for promotional materials, there is no better solution than personalized pens. Their price is negligible, especially if we decide to buy them in bulk. It is worth noting, however, that orders for promotional pens should never be made at the lowest cost

Robienie notatek długopisem
(Photo: Ylanite Koppens, source: pexels.com)

The cheapest models can be found for almost nothing, but we cannot expect that they will be positively received by our customers. Choosing a more elegant model and made of more durable materials, we can provide our company with a cheap advertisement for a few weeks.

2. Wide range of choices

Producers of advertising gadgets offer dozens of possibilities when it comes to pens. Often, in addition to classic pens with imprints, they offer more interesting models, e.g. with built-in flashlight, additional stand or in a set with a ruler. Businesses that would like to demonstrate their solidarity with the environmental movement through advertising can also opt for pens made from recycled or natural materials.

3. Customer confidence

Is it possible to build customer loyalty and trust with an advertising pen? Absolutely! By choosing an original, durable and functional product model, we have the opportunity to stand out above the competition, often offering the cheapest low-quality gadgets

Długopis i notes
(photo: Zoran Borojević, source: unsplash.com)

By giving our customers high quality promotional materials, we also give them a signal that we are a company which cares about details and for which workmanship and durability are of key importance.

4. Customer’s daily interaction with the company

As we mentioned at the beginning, a pen is a functional gadget that is needed in hundreds of everyday situations. Choosing the right model and placing a visible company logo on it will therefore influence the senses of our potential customers most of the time. A good pen can serve its users even for several months, which also means several months of familiarizing them with our brand.

In the case of branding or marketing campaigns, a promotional pen will certainly help every entrepreneur to get directly to the audience faster and to serve them in their everyday professional tasks. Pens are versatile and work as excellent advertisements for all industries. All this makes pens a powerful advertising weapon despite their inconspicuous appearance.

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