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What instead of a business card? We present unusual alternatives

What instead of a business card? We present unusual alternatives
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Within a few hours, customers are able to collect dozens of business cards, most of which will eventually end up in the trash. How to prevent your business from being forgotten? We present creative alternatives to classic business cards.

Effective replacements for business cards

Having business cards is an obligation and obvious thing in business. Their main purpose is to establish contacts and create a wider network of influence. However, it often happens that during meetings or conferences potential customers are simply flooded with them, and if we have not had a chance to catch their attention in another way, even if only through direct interaction or presentation, our company’s business card may find itself at the bottom of the pile, and about a successful transaction we can only dream

In order to be remembered by contractors and make a good impression it is necessary to be more creative and decide on a distinctive alternative to classic business cards. According to this logic, a few years ago promotional gadgets, on which company logos and business data were placed, started to gain popularity

If you want to stand out from a wide range of competitors, you have to think outside the box. Below we present 3 examples of alternative business cards that can positively affect the course of interaction with the client, increasing the chance of saving in his memory, future contact and fruitful cooperation.

1. Business cards with bolognese sauce

Danie z makaronem na talerzu
(Photo: Mgg Vitchakorn, source: unsplash.com)

One rather extravagant alternative is edible business cards. The assumption here is that everyone likes to eat and pays relatively a lot of attention to food. So why not use this potential to draw attention to your business?

There are dozens of ways to place business cards in food, for example, we can print contact information on a cake, chocolate cubes or on… pasta. This was the method used by Pasta Boy Peter, who laser engraved his information on lasagna pasta to promote Italian cooking classes

Makaron robiony ręcznie
(Photo by Jorge Zapata, source: unsplash.com)

The problem is that these products are ultimately meant to be consumed in their entirety, so our phone number will eventually be consumed as well. With this in mind, it is best to include a package or label with the product for the customer to keep. Theoretically, anyone can successfully attach an interesting snack to their business card, but this solution is particularly useful for professionals in the catering and food industry, being a de facto sample of the service offered.

2. A useful business card

If an object really makes our daily tasks easier, we try to keep it close to us. Therefore, an ideal solution would be a business card fulfilling such a function. It can be, for example, a business card with a bottle opener in the form of a flat piece of metal that potential clients can keep in their wallet

Spinka we włosach
(source: pxhere.com)

As before, it is good for the form of the business card to relate to the industry that the company represents. As an example, hair and makeup artist Yuka Suzuki includes hair clips with each business card. In this way, she can realistically solve her potential customers’ problems with the help of a small, friendly gadget.

3. Business card puzzles

Drewniana łamigłówka
(Photo: Kieran Wood, source: unsplash.com)

Business cards don’t have to be associated only with work or with functional, serious gadgets. Including crossword puzzles or other puzzle games in your business cards is a great way to engage the attention of potential clients at a time when they are not 100% focused on their duties. A simple puzzle in the form of a maze or word crossing out can add some lightness to the form of a business card without distracting too much from its main purpose. This mini activity can engage contractors enough that they become familiar with our name and the services we provide without investing much time.

The above examples are just small inspirations. In order to choose the right business card alternative for your company or brand, it is worth considering not only whether there is a way to offer a mini-version of our services to potential clients, but also whether it is really necessary for our business. Classic, sophisticated business cards still reign supreme in many cases, and it seems that certain niches are definitely not about to leave.

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