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Diving accessories you need to remember

Diving accessories you need to remember
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In order to practice such a popular type of active recreation as diving, it is necessary not only to have special skills acquired during training and diving on your own. You also need to select diving equipment and accessories that will give you the opportunity to derive maximum pleasure from diving into the underwater world. What accessories are necessary and worth buying?


A scuba mask is a simple yet essential piece of underwater equipment. Regardless of the clarity of the water, human eyes are unable to see clearly when submerged. The mask also has a protective function, covering the eye coating from microparticles that can cause discomfort and more serious damage.

Today, the range of masks in stores is very diverse – you can find models made of high-quality soft plastic or rubber, with single or double glass, as well as with lenses for vision correction for the visually impaired.


The main purpose of fins is to overcome the density of the water, for faster and more maneuverable movement in it. Properly fitted fins save the diver’s energy and make the underwater expedition more rewarding.

Choosing fins is not so easy. Beginners should choose medium-length ones, while seasoned divers can afford to use the longest models. Depending on the manufacturing material, fins are divided into soft, medium-hard and hard. Currently, the most popular are carbon fins, which are lightweight, resilient, comfortable and flexible.


A regulator (automaton) is a piece of equipment without which being underwater is simply impossible. Automatics are classified according to the environment of their use. For beginners and warm water divers, it is necessary to choose a recreational automaton that is inexpensive, easy to use and reliable. There is also a series of special automatons for diving at great depths, as well as for use under ice. They are characterized by resistance to freezing and stable supply of air mixture during operation at great depths.

Additional diving accessories

Diving in itself is an extreme sport, and any emergency situation can become a real struggle for survival. Therefore, every diver, in addition to basic diving equipment, must carry such accessories as:

  • diving buoy – mandatory for use in all bodies of water. It acts as a beacon and warns against diving in the area. The buoy is made of floating lightweight material – it can be an inflatable model that will easily follow its diver or a buoy-light that can serve as a place for a short break between dives;
  • an underwater flashlight is essential when diving, because underwater sunlight does not reach everywhere. Having one main light source and several additional ones is more of a necessity. An underwater flashlight must be leak-proof, shockproof, strong and durable. It must also have a convenient attachment for diving equipment;
  • an underwater knife, that is, a blade made of titanium or other durable stainless metals. The handle must be strong and comfortable to hold. The knife itself is compact and equipped with an additional attachment for diving equipment.

For those who are just starting out in diving, it is not necessary to buy all the equipment at once. Some items and accessories can be rented for use and, already with a set of experience, decide to buy them.

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