Pop Mart Skull Panda- The Best Gifting Option

Pop Mart Skull Panda- The Best Gifting Option
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Token Studio Inc. is a designer toy retailer founded in 2020. Our mission is to bring joy and excitement to all toy lovers who enjoy collectible toys and blind box toys. We’re devoted to sculptural art, with our first priority being its accessibility. It’s founded by young people who are just as dedicated and passionate about collectibles as you are! Right? We will take this opportunity to introduce the products we produce with Skull Panda, which are well-loved by a wide number of people, as well as offer you the opportunity to purchase limited edition items. With Skull Panda, we have designed more than one hundred versions. 

Premium Quality

Skull Panda is a small figurine that is meant to be a present. Each one stands approximately 4 inches tall and comes in a blind box. It’s uncertain what the value of your item will be until you open the box. There are 12 different collectible prints and 1 hidden edition chase print. This product is printed with high quality ink and the images are rendered in bright, vibrant colors. Either as a company providing it or as someone receiving it, it would make a great gift. Cheaply priced, this inflatable slide is a great buy for a promotion involving lots of people at a minimal price. 

Completely Personalised

Pop Mart makes gifting personalised products so easy, there’s almost no excuse to not do it. Each Pop Panda is completely unique and completely personal: you can have your giftee’s name put on it and even choose whether to add a gift message. Here are some cool facts about Skull Panda: -Each product has 4 unique sides, all of which can be customised with different information, images, or graphics -When choosing your custom text, you can choose from hundreds of fonts to add a personal touch and make it truly unique.  This four sided panda features a skull design on one side, making it perfect for anyone who loves skulls and pandas alike.


PopMart Skull Panda is a budget-friendly gift option that will help you show you care while not spending too much. This toy animal makes for a great addition to any toy collection as well as a fantastic conversation starter. For example, if you are interested in collecting action figures of any kind, let alone animal action figures, then you’ll need to have a PopMartSkullPanda on your desk. In addition to being attractive and well-made, it’s also affordable! Considering how many different types and patterns are available, it would be impossible for you not to find something you love. This product is also a wonderful gift. This gift may interest you. If you are looking for an exclusive way to display your passion for pandas or any stuffed animal, then these amazing individuals should be at the top of your list. 

Quick Delivery

Customers who place orders over $150 are eligible for free shipping. Once you’ve submitted your order, we will fulfill it within two business days. Once you’ve received the notification that your order is ready, you can pick it up from our Richmond location at any time during our opening hours. Please check over your order after you pick it up from the store because it’s a final sale. Your shipment will be delivered within three business days if it qualifies for the standard shipping rate of $9.99. Our shipping department will send you a text message to schedule and confirm a date and time for delivering your parcel.

Your gifting options should be perfect enough that it reflects the taste of the person whom you are giving it too, but at the same time, the gifting options should not cost you an arm and leg to be able to afford them, which leaves many people wondering if there are any gift choices out there that can satisfy both needs and wants, luckily, tokenstoy has come up with the perfect way to give your dear ones the best skull panda collection in town without breaking your bank, thus making Pop Mart’s skull panda as one of the most reliable gift options out there today. Checkout today!


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