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Gifts helpful in remote work, or how to give gifts in the era of home office?

Gifts helpful in remote work, or how to give gifts in the era of home office?
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The pandemic has forced many companies to transition employees to a remote work mode. To increase the productivity of people working in this mode, it is important to make good use of space. Company gadgets will be perfect for this.

A lot has changed in recent times. Not only freelancers but also employees of companies, which so far occupied large office buildings, work at home. For many people working in the home office system is a big challenge. The biggest difficulty in such work is the large number of distractions and problems with self-discipline.

In order to make it easier for an employee to separate work from private life, it is worth giving them accessories which will be useful in remote work.

Small gifts increase efficiency

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Small gifts, received from an employer, will be appreciated by any home office worker. One of the popular holidays is also a great excuse to endow an employee with a promotional gadget, which will be useful at work and somehow make the monotony of everyday life more pleasant.

Remote work will become more enjoyable if it will be done on better equipment or with the help of smart gadgets, making duties easier

TOP 10 gifts for home office employee

1. Webcam

Almost every laptop nowadays is equipped with a webcam, which allows video calls. However, the image quality of such webcam often leaves much to be desired. An external web cam is useful for desktop computers and laptops (increasing comfort during video calls).

2. Calendar

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A calendar is one of the essential gadgets on a remote worker’s desk. With this gadget, an employee can keep his notes in order and not forget about important online meetings.

3. Flash drive

Although a cloud drive is most commonly used in remote work, there are situations where a flash drive is necessary and perfect for carrying more data.

4. Saent Button

Everyone who works in home office mode becomes more productive with this small device. This device cleverly blocks distracting websites. This gadget is also perfect for when you return to the office

5. USB Windmill

A USB windmill is a perfect gift during hot weather. Every office has air conditioning, but an employee at home often does not have such luxury. A USB windmill will be a substitute for having this facility on hot days

6. Headphones with a microphone

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For many home office workers, it’s a challenge to hold conversations when there are children and other occupants in the house. With good headphones, you can better focus on the conversation and drown out the noise coming from the apartment.

7. HUB

This gadget is even essential for home office workers, because not all computers have enough ports to use multiple devices at the same time. By connecting a HUB to your computer, you can use several devices at once.

8. Bluetooth keyboard or wireless mouse

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A wireless keyboard and mouse are very practical gadgets used for remote work. A wireless mouse is a gadget that is great for working on a laptop

9. Desk organizer

A desk organizer allows you to keep your desk in perfect order. For a home office worker, a desk organizer with a wireless charger is ideal. Such an organizer is a great solution especially for employees who have a business phone and use it frequently

10. Ergonomic mouse pad

The ergonomic mouse pad will please every employee. With a gel wrist pad, people working at the computer can avoid pain or more serious consequences (such as carpal tunnel)

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