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Gadgets and accessories that can advertise your business

Gadgets and accessories that can advertise your business
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The success of a company largely depends on its marketing efforts, agree the representatives of SEO in Portland agency and Cleveland SEO expert team. In order to advertise a product or service well, a number of actions need to be taken. One of the ways of advertising are appropriate accessories and gadgets. We present our suggestions on how to properly promote the company with their help. We emphasize, however, to get acquainted beforehand with the methods of positioning such as WordPress SEO, where in the article we talk to positioners and developers of WordPress SEO itself. This is very important because nowadays all interactive agencies agree that any form of SEO, not only WordPress SEO, is the best thing you can do to build your company’s image. 


Advertising flags

These flags can effectively attract the attention of potential customers. The company logo placed on the flag is large, so it will surely be noticed. A great advantage of flags is that they can be easily taken to various places, such as trade fairs. They can also be used at concerts or sporting events, but also as office decorations.


Advertising banners can also be a great addition to your marketing strategy. Their choice on the market is very large. They can be used in various situations, for example at various conferences, fairs, exhibitions or concerts. The possibilities are now so wide that in addition to what print will be on the banner ad, you can also decide on its shape.



If a company sponsors prizes in a contest or sports competition, a great way to promote the company would be to put the company name and logo on the prizes, suggests a Cleveland SEO expert.


Gadgets of everyday use

The most popular promotional gadget, which is useful in everyday life, is a pen. However, it is worth thinking about other, equally useful accessories.



This is an accessory that is always very popular. Most of us use sunglasses and even if we have our own favorites, a gadget in the form of sunglasses with a company logo will be a nice gift.


Flash drive

This is a very practical gadget that can win the sympathy of potential customers. Such a trinket with a company logo can be very useful for many people. That is why it is worth using it as a promotional gadget. This method is popular with SEO in Portland agencies, sometimes used even more often than promotional company mugs.



This is an interesting advertising solution especially in summer time. Bottle will be useful for many people, in various circumstances. Besides, it is a great way to promote the pro-ecological attitude of the company. Thanks to reusable bottles we limit the use of plastic.


Sports accessories

Healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more fashionable, so it is worth betting on such a solution, as all the accessories and sports equipment. This solution is a bit more expensive, so you can use them for example as prizes in competitions at fairs. Then such gadgets as pedometer or smartphone armband will be perfect.


Other accessories

Company key lanyards, pencils or key rings also work well as promotional gadgets, says Cleveland SEO expert. It is worth remembering to care about the durability of all small accessories, because they are supposed to take care of the company’s image.


It is also worth thinking about gadgets for business clients, who are potential partners. Such premium accessories will prove useful as prizes at various events. A powerbank, for example, will be perfect in this role. Material bags, t-shirts, backpacks or laptop bags.


Regardless of what gadgets and accessories you decide on, remember to make your company logo visible. However, it will be most visible through a properly positioned website. Once again, we encourage you to check out our content on WordPress SEO, for which we received expert support from SEO in Portland agency when writing. Concluding the topic of gadgets, we remind you that it is also important to match the nature of the gadgets with the company’s policy and possibly the event at which the accessories will be distributed.


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  • Bruce Hetz 26.07.2022

    Advertising accessories will probably always be in fashion, especially mugs! The topic came up involuntarily when I went for a Google Ads audit. Seemingly you go for a consultation on promotion through ad campaigns, and here out of nowhere you find out that it would be cool if you had company mugs. Of course, I’m speaking a bit jokingly, but I took the advice and invested in accessories, as well as took the Google Ads audit and have been using marketing campaigns for nearly 9 months now. I can say about the Google Ads audit in three words – it just works. I’m getting what I wanted to get – visibility for potential customers, higher conversions, and ultimately better sales, I don’t know what I could have wanted more. On top of that, the campaigns are not highly costly, so I have more control over my budget, which I can plan freely depending on what I want to achieve with the promotion in a given period.